The Liminal Hours


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This is my church. My temple. My sunrises and sunsets – the liminal hours of magic and wonder. Usually I have the beach pretty much to myself. There are always a couple of surfers, dog walkers and fishermen. Sunday was different (see below) 100s of people created a vacation vibe.

I am learning to surf upon these blue waves. Slowly slowly – there is much to learn. It is complex, scary and beautiful. This is why I live here. This is what I love here. And, for the first time in my life I am learning to relax. To be at peace around other people, to allow and to be. Long time coming Sukes. I love my life xo

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Unfortunately, on Saturday, March 8th, 2014, I was looted in broad sunshine. Despite our vigilance and security, thieves broke the lock of my bedroom door, splintering the wood, and stole the tools of my trade: two Nikon cameras, three lenses, two Apple laptops, one card reader, one charger and one hard drive. To make matters worse, one of the cameras and lenses belonged to a dear friend of mine.

So, I am rising UP and raising funds. I have a goal of US$12,000 to replace all of the equipment. Many of you are too far away to sell lemonade too, so I have a few humble photographs to offer. Choose from Instagram photos of Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand and plenty of sunsets and sunrises. I’m selling 5×5 inch prints for $50 – delivered to your door.

You can choose from - I am hashtagging my bestest images with #sukirising.
Or look at

If you would like multiple prints, a book, or a bus mural, I’ll work something out.

ImageEmail me me and tell me the image you would like:

Thank you for any support you can give. Suki xo

A Workshop with Sebastian (the other Suki)

Sara, my clever roomie, bought me a workshop with Sebastian for my birthday present. He is a National Geographic photographer and tribal world explorer – witnessing his process and technique was priceless.

But more than that, the true value was found between the lines. I came to know that I am also a good photographer. This is truly the shift I have been waiting for. I value my eye, sensibilities and discernment. I am feeling the fire from within. Excited.

I shot these with his Nikon D800 – the contrast between this camera and my D200 is apparent. I am ready for an upgrade xo












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