Yahoo and Flickr



Following on from yesterday’s rant about my Flickr account, I thought I’d give it a decent amount of time before trying again – lest I ruin a perfectly good mood.

Whatevs. It’s still a shitty situation.

So I go to log in. I am asked for a verification code – which they promptly send to my gmail account. I cut and paste the verification code into the box presented to me (see below).

yahoo boxI am then returned to the original login screen (see below). I repeat the process 3 more times. Same same.


Oh, except they have the wrong user name for me. Even though I signed in as the right name, they are replying with the wrong one. WTF.

Srsly I hope this shows up in at least 1 search and some other poor bastard can know that they are not alone…

PS. Here’s the kicker. I got in. Eventually. And I only have 70 photos of Flickr. SEVENTY. Ok, I know the 2000+ disappeared last year, but the other several thousand? Shame on you Flickr, shame on you.




Qito is 8 years old this month! At the urging of Azha (who thought I had stuff to write about) I started it to have FAQ information for all my clients in London – it was easier having a resource here, than repeating myself day in and day out.

I also used to write a lot, when I was in the London bubble. Then I left and the world changed. So it’s still sitting here. And each time I think I’ll delete it and start over, someone will email me and say thank you. Or that they have printed out the WHOLE THING. So I’ll leave it here for now..

In the meantime, I made a new site just for photos. She’s quite nice I think. And I don’t use the word nice lightly.

Suki Zoe

Flickr and Yahoo



Since 2006 I had a pro account with Flickr. A pro account is an account I paid for. I had several thousand photographs stored there. Until May 2013 there were no problems with my account – I uploaded photographs easily, and the community was growing nicely.

Then they removed the Pro accounts. No, I did not get a refund.

Over 3000 of my photographs disappeared. I’m 6000 miles from home – I do not have access to these images in Bali. Flickr was my storage system. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve contacted customers services. No one has ever replied to me. Ever.

Today I attempted to log in. I was told I needed a new Yahoo account to do so. So I created the new aforementioned Yahoo account. When I cut and paste the security code they had so kindly sent to my gmail account, I was told it was wrong. After 3 attempts, they freeze your account for 12 hours.
Oh, but they do recommend contacting customer support. Except you can’t communicate with them for 12 hours, because your fucking account is frozen. Seriously, who is responsible for this atrocious situation?

Oh, and whilst in my rarely used gmail account, I see requests for payment for my Pro account. You know, the one that was cancelled, without refund over a year ago. WTF?

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 14.09.27

Dressing Up

My love of face paint, masks, and dressing up is no secret. Nor my love for beards. This photo is pretty much one of my favorites ever. Throw a few feathers on and I’m good to go. We spent more time getting ready than we did at the actual party. Dressing up 7 people as pirates takes some doing in Bali. There are no op-shops, thrift stores, or second hand places here, and no fancy-dress outlets. We need to go to Singapore for that!

I’m already planning for Halloween this year…

Ant Suk



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The sister. She flies.IMG_8056

The family. Some kind of Tai Chi..IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8059

Feeling Jane Eyre.IMG_8060 IMG_8348

Seen at the ICAIMG_8349

Bar Bruno, Soho. Funny – the places that drew me the most, were those from my earliest days in London. I used to have the baked potato here. A lot.IMG_8350 IMG_8352

4 sets of blue jean knees. They were speaking Arabic. My ears were happy, but they would not look at me or speak to me.IMG_8353

*Sigh* – feels good to be home.IMG_8354 IMG_8405 IMG_8407 IMG_8411 IMG_8412 IMG_8414 IMG_8447 IMG_8484

I missed this man. And his scissor skills. Jonny from Lockonego.IMG_8506

Mama broke her ankle.IMG_8613 IMG_8614

Jackson. Love this dog.IMG_8615Lunch. Delicious.



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For the first time, my photographs are hanging on some walls. In public.

There was no hoopla. They were finished by the printers the night before – until I saw them, I didn’t know if I would have anything worth hanging. SO I hadn’t really told anyone, or made a fuss. The next morning I was up early to hang them in Crate Cafe, Canggu. A hip new cafe with a  busy breakfast clientele – great coffee, and the best omelet I’ve ever tasted.

It looks something like this. All prints are for sale.

IMG_4908 IMG_4925 IMG_5031 IMG_5142 IMG_5146 IMG_5293 IMG_5365 IMG_5376 IMG_5388


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