Dressing Up

My love of face paint, masks, and dressing up is no secret. Nor my love for beards. This photo is pretty much one of my favorites ever. Throw a few feathers on and I’m good to go. We spent more time getting ready than we did at the actual party. Dressing up 7 people as pirates takes some doing in Bali. There are no op-shops, thrift stores, or second hand places here, and no fancy-dress outlets. We need to go to Singapore for that!

I’m already planning for Halloween this year…

Ant Suk



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The sister. She flies.IMG_8056

The family. Some kind of Tai Chi..IMG_8057 IMG_8058 IMG_8059

Feeling Jane Eyre.IMG_8060 IMG_8348

Seen at the ICAIMG_8349

Bar Bruno, Soho. Funny – the places that drew me the most, were those from my earliest days in London. I used to have the baked potato here. A lot.IMG_8350 IMG_8352

4 sets of blue jean knees. They were speaking Arabic. My ears were happy, but they would not look at me or speak to me.IMG_8353

*Sigh* – feels good to be home.IMG_8354 IMG_8405 IMG_8407 IMG_8411 IMG_8412 IMG_8414 IMG_8447 IMG_8484

I missed this man. And his scissor skills. Jonny from Lockonego.IMG_8506

Mama broke her ankle.IMG_8613 IMG_8614

Jackson. Love this dog.IMG_8615Lunch. Delicious.



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For the first time, my photographs are hanging on some walls. In public.

There was no hoopla. They were finished by the printers the night before – until I saw them, I didn’t know if I would have anything worth hanging. SO I hadn’t really told anyone, or made a fuss. The next morning I was up early to hang them in Crate Cafe, Canggu. A hip new cafe with a  busy breakfast clientele – great coffee, and the best omelet I’ve ever tasted.

It looks something like this. All prints are for sale.

IMG_4908 IMG_4925 IMG_5031 IMG_5142 IMG_5146 IMG_5293 IMG_5365 IMG_5376 IMG_5388

The Liminal Hours


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This is my church. My temple. My sunrises and sunsets – the liminal hours of magic and wonder. Usually I have the beach pretty much to myself. There are always a couple of surfers, dog walkers and fishermen. Sunday was different (see below) 100s of people created a vacation vibe.

I am learning to surf upon these blue waves. Slowly slowly – there is much to learn. It is complex, scary and beautiful. This is why I live here. This is what I love here. And, for the first time in my life I am learning to relax. To be at peace around other people, to allow and to be. Long time coming Sukes. I love my life xo

And while I’m at it – my Indiegogo campaign has 16 days left to run! Buy buy buy at Suki Rising.




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