Before I crossed in Washington (a new state!) I stopped in Portland for dinner with beautiful Nashima – who has emailed me the day before asking if I was passing through & had any talks planned. I replied ‘I’m passing through tomorrow – no talks, but I would love to drink tea with you’. We met at a packed & gorgeous Blossoming Lotus & shared a delicious meal. Portland is great. A really nice balance of size and culture (ie bookstores, music and food) & meeting Nashima was a wonderful treat.

Seattle. Wow! I didn’t make it to Tacoma to visit the school from ’10 Things I Hate About You’ (the only place on my geeky film junkie tourist map) because the visibility was zero (next time) – stunning water rich Washington feels like Germany or England in some places. Amazing the difference that crossing a man-made line on the earth (state line) has upon the landscape & mentality of the people. I visited Brian Lumb for some most excellent NSA & stayed in the House of the Sun = Paul & Poteet Douglas. Poteet was un-raw when first we met @ a Gate in Como – so cool to see her since her change in lifestyle. And to spend time with another Network/Raw peep – when our worlds collide wonderful things happen! I’ve been meaning to blog about their transformation for ages now. Paul has moved from hotel catering (he was chef for a porn conference in Phoenix the weekend I met Poteet!) to working as a raw chef – he is making really exciting foods with Adam @ House of The Sun. It’s the first time in ages I’ve been tickled pink, wowed & surprised by raw food. They are supplying Nature’s Pantry in Bellevue & their friends Tom & Susan @ Raw Vegan Source – USA’s largest dedicated raw supplies. Tom & Susan are extraordinary (I was lucky enough to film them) from Susan’s cancer recovery, to Tom’s biodynamic garden (see the Goji berries below – in just 5 months) & mountain climbing + a healthy passion for chocolate – we had much to discuss..

From Seattle to Bellingham, to stay with RSF Exec Chef Bruce ‘Spruce’ Horowitz & his son Jadyn. Bruce and Tom have collaborated in the planting of many things tasty, so the visits tied in nicely for me. Bruce lives in the kind of place I’ve dreamt of and seen in photos, but I’ve never known anyone who actually lives in such beauty, with incredible light, land, quiet & lots of cool farm animals. He also makes fairly fab food & perfect chocolate. Did I say perfect? I am one lucky duck.. ❤