People have begun to notice us! The timing is perfect – with my long awaited work visa in hand [Yee Haaa], I’m very grateful for being mentioned in Ubud Life this issue: Volume 2. Number 9

“New to Ubud’s healing scene is the charming Alchemy Colonics Centre in Penestanan. Light, bright and airy, the downstairs section offers coffees and luscious raw desserts and a range of health products and fresh raw juices which can be delivered. Friendly staff and a light and airy ambience make it a desirable place to be. Upstairs, is the place for cleansing the body with colonics. With Suki in charge, her skillful hands are already helping people back to wellness – something she’s been doing, with love, for fourteen years. The treatments are reputed to cleanse the body, ridding it of toxins and gases.

In addition, they run detox programs of varying lengths which can be done at home, hotel or villa. If you listen to Suki, you will never want to smoke or eat meat again! But for some of us, that is an impossible dream. Even so, we can all benefit and walk away feeling lighter, cleaner and more at peace with the world..

The little sign downstairs “Sexy people tips” says it all! After all – clean is beautiful and sexy.”

I’m also mentioned in Rick Pursell’s Blog – Heart Mastery Series.

Colon or Semi-Colon? Posted on December 6, 2011 by Rick

“If you apply the principle – “What goes up, must come down” to our physical bodies, as – “What goes in, must come out”, then I can assure you, this is not necessarily the case, certainly not for me anyway!!

While I have to confess to the occasional lapses into some really yummy chocolate cake, Chardonnay and chips, overall, my diet is not too bad.

I do enjoy a leafy salad and rarely eat red meat, always trying to keep a balance, without become an extremist. Being brought up on a farm in England, with fresh goat’s milk, duck eggs, organic fruit and vegetables, certainly formed a good foundation for my eating habits.

Up until 40 years of age, too preoccupied to concern myself with food, my metabolism was lightning fast and my weight was stable. After passing that milestone age, it slowed down considerably; I took a liking to food and regularly nourished my sweet tooth, in line with my typical English mother’s routine of always dishing up “pudding” after every dinner.

I was introduced to colonics some 15 years ago in Hong Kong with some excellent results, so with the opportunity to use Suki’s services at Alchemy in Ubud, Bali, I saw it as a great opportunity to make some much-needed lifestyle changes.

A few days of drinking healthy, green vegetable juices, eating salads and my diet devoid of any cooked food, sugar, coffee, alcohol, etc., (in other words all the supposedly “good” stuff in life), I started to feel physically different in a very pleasant way.

After the first colonics treatment and my amazement at what passed, I discounted any idea that I was in good shape and boundlessly healthy. I had a compacted lump of sugary material that had taken on a life of its own (everything is energy) and demanded more and more sugar, never to be satiated.

With this gone, I felt immediate relief and re-energised, my bloated stomach diminished somewhat and my whole colon area softened. While I have never had surgery, I imagine the results I experienced could be likened to having a growth or tumor removed. The changes were palpable and noticeable to others, spurring me on to continue.

And continue I did, with more raw food, colonics, exercise and a lasting feeling of well-being. My wife, Lita underwent the same treatment and I could see first hand the transformation in her.

So to explain the title of this piece “Colon or Semi-colon”; I now choose a healthy, active colon, free of toxins, over a half-full colon, slowly but surely poisoning my body.

Human Colon

As part of our spiritual journey, which I believe is not to rid ourselves of these bodies, or desperately seek relief from our everyday life in a blissed out state on Cloud Nine, but to embrace life in its fullest sense in these bodies. In essence, we don’t ascend out of these bodies, but bring Source into and through our bodies and it is through this embodiment, we project out this Source energy (unconditional love) mixed with our character, abilities, and the gifts we have to offer the world.

Getting the body into better shape is essential, not only for our own well-being, but to be able to receive and give out to others, the higher vibrational frequencies that are emanating from Original Source.

Do yourself a favour, BE well, and choose a colon!!!”

Thank you Rick x