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Last month I went to Australia for the first time. I knew I’d never really ‘get’ Australians until I’d been to their country, so I was excited to feel the land, and experience them in context. Some have said that Byron Bay wouldn’t give me a rounded view of the country, but hey, I’ve no great craving for big cities anymore, and I had to start somewhere. They had me at beaches..

From the plane, the land felt big and wild. The houses felt semi-permanent, tin roofs are common there (I grew up in a cottage dated from the middle ages) – like the land was saying, “You can camp here awhile, but you can’t ‘own’ me”.

I hitched for the first time ever. The people are easy going, friendly, open, simple (versus complex European) and fun! The men are more feral/masculine than I’ve been around in forever. What’s not to love?

The beaches are HUGE. Endless. Beautiful. We swam in the tea trees lakes, and I hid from the hostile sun. And almost the greatest blessing – having no schedule, no watch or clock..

Thank you to Shane and Maria for your most awesome company, hospitality and tour guide skilz. Love you much ❤

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