After 1 extraordinary year with Alchemy, I am leaving. The plan? To sit in my hammock and read some fiction, water the garden, move my ass occasionally, splash under waterfalls and observe what happens when a life-time of ‘work ethic’ is reassessed.

Leaving wasn’t part of the plan. The day before flying to Australia, I knew I couldn’t stay. Scared? Yes. Crazy? Maybe..

I’ve never walked away from anything I’ve invested so much love and energy into to, and from so many beautiful people. I built much of the place, breathed much dust, chased 11 plumbers (at the last count) and whispered over 1000 colons.

We started with 3 founding partners and 6 staff. So much change since then! Amazing expansions, additions, improvements. We have incredible staff, fabulous customers and wonderful clients. I am so grateful for all of you, for the time we’ve shared and the magic we’ve created ❤

My last day is November 26th…

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