I thank Buddha, and all the gods and goddesses for sending me to Nan two years ago. This town saved my life. I was sad, broke and wanting to work, to get involved and to love again. Who knew I would love 600+ kids, several teachers and my 4 friends. Leaving was one of my toughest departures..

And to revisit again for the first since I left? Nothing has changed, in all the best possible ways – there is so much love for, and in this wonderful town. The English department at school continue to teach with equanimity, to laugh, to eat, to gossip. The kids inspire, soften and wow me.

Translating love to a different culture, when conversations, habits, emotional expression and displays of affection are so different, almost makes it more precious.

Have bike, will ride. I took off into the mountains on the little rented Yamaha, wearing a cardboard helmet. The roads are wide and smooth. The land is big, wide and fertile, calm, yet full of life. I feel exhilarated riding these roads – tapped in and turned on! Spacious, and quiet inside. I haven’t felt this peace in awhile. And it’s dry season – being free from Balinese mold, damp, sticky clothes and smelly leather is a radical joy!! Dry heat, and perfectly cool nights. Yum.

Thank you Nan for welcoming me back; for your markets, cafes and Nan Guesthouse; for your beautiful river and mountains. I ate for old time’s sake, I drank Chang with a new friend (yes really Jodi, better late than never..), and felt truly inspired, alive and heart full. Again, leaving was hard.

Happy. Grateful. Alive.








Photo on bike by Hedge (in the bitch seat)