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‘Crazy’ doesn’t cover it. I’m not sure I’ll ever find words to describe an event so beautiful, so vast, so inexplicable, so magical, so freakin dusty, cold and so driven/guided by love – it was all beyond reason. My senses are blown – sights, sounds, heart and mind.

A TV show line caught my today – ‘There is no non-weird explanation for this’..

Huge gratitude to Shilo and Avijit for holding my hand into what turned out to be an incredibly special camp.

There was a lot of chillum and fire smoke, gallons of chai, half the dry Ganga riverbed ended up in my lungs (cue nasty case of bronchitis and sinusitis); not a lot of sleep. But these are mere words. They do not suffice.

I was at Allahabad railway station an hour after the tragic deaths on the 10th. It was scary. We didn’t know what was going on, thousands more people were still pouring into the station, people sleeping anywhere there was space – there was no more space, and still they arrived.. Trains were canceled, information was random and contradictory. We left safely. My heart is with the 36 who died.

Oh, and it’s my birthday today! I’m coughing and spluttering in Bombay airport, waiting for a flight to Goa. I’d do some serious damage for a fresh orange juice, hammock and coconut right now :)

Mammleshwar Puriji Maharaj – our Babaji, and leader of the pack – by Shilo Suleman


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